Care Info

Your new earrings and accessories are delicate but we have some suggestions for how to look after them.

Each item that you purchase is unique and the care procedures for it will be unique too but below are some suggestions to go by:

  • Your earrings are NOT waterproof. Do not wear them in the shower or while swimming as they will quickly show signs of damage. For some (such as bamboo) this damage will be more obvious as the materials will be effected faster. However, the adhesives used on all products may deteriorate if exposed to water.
  • Clean your clay and acrylic products with a lightly damp rag or baby wipes. Clean bamboo products with a dry cloth only.
  • Store your earrings safely (please don't just toss them in your handbag!) in a jewellery box or on an earring board.
  • You can renew cotton tassels by simply manoeuvring them with your fingers. Silk tassels can be restraightened with a hairdryer on low.
  • When removing the backing clasps from your earrings, please be sure to hold the pad of the post to the front of the studs to prevent wear and tear on the adhesive. While we use the strongest adhesives around, excessive pulling can cause the post to come away from the front of the earring. If this does happen, it can easily be glued back together with a strong adhesive.
  • Clay products are delectate! When removing clay earrings, be sure to support the clay sections as well as the pad before tugging on them. Excessive force on the clay disks can cause breakage. Most of the time, this is irreparable. 
  • While acrylic is stronger than clay, it still needs you to take care. Acrylic can crack under pressure and will not withstand being stood on or dropped.