Combining Orders

We know that when you are in a rush to place your order, it is easy to forget something. To make it easier to add products to your previous orders, we offer the option for combining orders. (Please note that the $80 Free Shipping offer is only available on whole orders. For example, placing multiple orders that add up to over $80 will not qualify for this discount.)

Simply follow the steps below to combine your orders while shopping.

  1. Place your first order and choose your shipping option. You must pay for at least one batch of shipping, unless your first order totals over $80.
  2. Place your second order within 1 hour of the first. If you wait any longer, there is a chance that we will have already started processing your order and cannot combine the orders. 
  3. Use the code COMBINESHIPPING at the check out.
  4. Email us via the contact link below and let us know what orders you would like combined. We will need your name and order numbers for this process.
  5. When your order has been posted, we will send a confirmation email for each order, but they will consist of the same tracking number.

Please Note: If you use this code without paying for a prior order, we will not process your order until shipping has been paid. You will be contacted via email and we will send a PayPal request for the outstanding fees.