The Earring Wardrobe (Hot Pink Clear)
The Earring Wardrobe (Hot Pink Clear)

The Earring Wardrobe (Hot Pink Clear)

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The CUTEST way to store your earrings!

Want to flick through your whole earring collection and plan out your outfits with ease? The Earring Wardrobe is for you!

Our simple wardrobe design makes browsing your earrings as easy as browsing your clothes. The drop-in design means no more fiddling with your earring backs to store them. Simply slide the back 3mm up the post and drop it into the slot. 

The Earring Wardrobe can also help your plan your outfits for the week! Just choose your earrings, take them from the wardrobe and slot them into the sides of the stand for easy access. 

The Earring Wardrobe and its hangers are compatible with all sorts of pierced earring types.

Dimensions: 21x29cm

Holds up to 49 pairs of earrings.

The set includes: 1 earring wardrobe stand, 27 coat hangers and 4 stud hangers

PLEASE NOTE: Do not over fill this stand. This stand is deigned to be used with light weight earrings. Overfilling may cause the stand to topple or bow. This stand is not a toy. Pip and Pepper are not responsible for mishaps caused by the misuse of this stand.